Welcome To Crawford Hide Company

First formed in 1989 on our Hilltown site, our experienced management team have developed Crawford Hide Company from a small hide and skin merchant, to the leading hide and skin processing operation throughout the U.K. and Ireland. 

Uniquely sourcing the best hides from all major U.K. and Irish meat processors, we supply directly to the World's leading tanning groups. 

In  August 2016 Crawford Hide Company became the only processing facility in the British Isles to be accredited with the ability to provide gelatine and collagen documentation in accordance with EC No. 852/2004 and 853/2004. This has been achieved through our commitment to on-going and significant investment in our factories.


Chilled Hides by Crawford Hide Company

Investment and innovation


Through ongoing investment in modern plant, technology and tracking systems, we are proud to be achieving growth of our company year on year. Our demanding standards mean we confidently stand over the quality of our hides, and our clients know that  Crawford Hide is a name they can trust.

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