Lamb Skins


Crawford Hide can offer double hand salted graded or run selection lamb skins shipped directly from our partnership meat plants throughout the UK and Ireland or from our home plant. Our specifications are as below.

Our lamb skins are double hand salted

Minimum size (sq.ft) Average size (sq. ft) Season
Doubleface Lambskins 6 6.5 April-June
Doubleface Lambskins 6.5 7.5 July-November
Nappa Lambskins 6 6.5 April-June
Nappa Lambskins 6.5 7.5 July-March
Doubleface Sheepskins 7+ 8.5 September-January
Nappa Sheepskins 7+ 8.5 September-May
Shorn Sheepskins 7+ 8 June-September